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product designer • brand identity • print designer • ui/ux designer

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I'm Artur. I have around 10 years of experience with graphic design. I'm experienced proffesional if it comes to web and print design. My very strong asset is to be detail-oriented with the ability to prioritize while having in depth expertise with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator (CC). Last but not least I'm very comfortable with motion making with Animate CC, also I am no stranger to html, css, wordpress and general understanding of basic WordPress code and Front-end.

My experience

responsibilities: key visuals, ui/ux

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responsibilities: brand identity, product design, brochure design, magazine design, packing design, retouching, icon design, webdesign, preparing for print, banners, leaflets, mockups, presentation works for clients

I was in Southeast Asia traveling and working remotely as a graphic designer.

responsibilities: print design, product design, brochure design, retouch, icon design, preparing for print, banners, infographics

responsibilities: ui/ux, infographics, design e-booków, retouch, icon design, preparing for print, ads banner design

responsibilities: wordpress coder, front-end coder, design magazine/brochure/books, retouching, web design, preparing for print

responsibilities: web design, print design


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